Who Makes The Godly Difference

Who makes the Godly difference in the world we live in
Is it the one who votes for the lesser of two evils to win

Is it that person who finds themselves engaged on the front lines
Talking to people about Christ’s kingdom time after time

Could it be the one who spends time in prayer seeking God’s will
Pursuing Godly counsel in making decisions, who doesn’t remain still

Is it the man or woman who is confident in knowing their Godly call
The one who daily surrenders and says; “I will follow you in and through it all”

If someone is able to truly hear, know and yield to God’s voice
Is that the person who strives to make a Godly difference when given a choice

In order to see His kingdom come from heaven to earth as we walk along our way
Let us love the Lord with all of our heart and do our best to follow Him every day

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