Picture Frame

Picture frame-why hasn’t the scenery changed
Every time I look at you-the image still looks the same

I’ve heard stay inside your circle-Mind my own business
Picture frame-your image looks soiled every time I revisit

How can I see something different-within my scope of view
Your not changing on your own-Perhaps I need to get rid of you

When people enter in my circle and walk around
I want them to be good circles-not the kind that cause a frown

When I look at the bigger picture on my wall-every thing looks just fine
The balance sheet within the frame-stays black all of the time

Joel says, “Without vision, things won’t really change”
Many things in view on my walls-aren’t in need of being rearranged

For several years I’ve felt a heaviness every time I look at you
To me your appearance has more value than my realtor’s view

The longer I’ve waited though-the uglier you’ve become
What will things look like in ten years-if I continue to hold on

I need the master decorator to tell me what to do
Perhaps He already is-I’m getting really sick of looking at you

I’ll leave you hanging there-until I am absolutely certain
For today I’ve seen enough-Get back behind the spiritual curtain

Just know that you’re in good hands-no matter what I decide to I do
I’m letting go of you again today-so God can deal with you

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