Mr. Needy

Have you met Mr. Needy
He’s demanding most of the time

He wants an abundance of attention
He scrutinized others behavior as he whines

He’s the insecure one
Never satisfied and always wanting more

When he doesn’t feel loved
He gets all pouty and sore

He keeps a watchful eye
On how he is treated compared to other friends

If he doesn’t get the attention first
He gets all pouty and whines again

Mr. Needy really needs to just get a life
It would be good for him to enjoy his days

Life could be much happier for him
If he’d be lighthearted, laugh and just play

I pray for Mr. Needy
I ask God to take this character defect away

The problem is Mr. Needy takes it personal
He gets even more demanding to stay

I know one thing for certain
God will surely win

Someday Mr. Needy will be gone
Never to return again


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