Heavenly Wisdom

There’s Heavenly Wisdom
That helps me read between the lines

When my thoughts roam with uncertainty
The Holy Spirit speaks to me every time

In the areas between what I understand
There are blanks spaces to be filled in

When I listen for Heavenly Wisdom
I begin to hear God’s voice within

In the places where I wonder
There can be an ever raging storm

Then I hear Jesus saying; “Peace be still”
As within me hope, faith and love are reborn

There’s wisdom in a multitude of counselors
There’s Heavenly Wisdom we can hear too

When confusion lurks between the lines of understanding
Heavenly Wisdom gives us accurate clues

If you are in-between the spaces
If you are roaming with questions in your mind

Put your trust in Heavenly Wisdom
You’ll find the remaining answers every time

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