Creating The Song “Someone’s Crying Lord”

“Someone’s Crying Lord” Composed by: Jordy Christo and Lisa King

I often make references to “not being able to see the painting that God is creating until He is finished”. I make the same type of analogy in reference to how God only allows us to see the puzzle of His purposes for our lives come together, one-piece-at-a-time. This is how I get inspiration for songs. It’s as if the Lord gives me a moment in which he hands me a puzzle piece and I have no idea what the heck it is for.

The song “Someone’s Crying Lord” was a creative masterpiece that took shape over several month’s worth of recognizable “God moments”.

The day I met the woman the song is about, I was told by this woman right away that she didn’t believe in God. She explained how over the years she had been jealous of friends she’d known who’d had a real relationship with God. Over the course of time I learned that she had been battling depression for years.

After several months of friendship, one day we both were at the same birthday party. I’d brought my guitar to sing a few songs around the campfire.  As I was passing by her on the back deck of the house with my guitar in hand, she’d said; “Do you know that song “Someone’s Crying Lord, Kumbaya”?

A month or so after that night, I was walking from my bedroom to the living room of my home and out of the blue I heard that same woman’s voice in my spirit; “Someone’s Crying Lord, Kumbaya”. I immediately started praying for her. It was most certainly a God-inspired moment.

On another occasion, prior to writing the song, I simply looked at Christian friend who had a gigantic grin on her face and the Holy Spirit said; “smiling on the inside”. It was another recognizable spiritual moment that filled me with wonder…

A few weeks later, a believer told me about how her heart had been singing so loudly when she was walking on the beach that she thought others were going to make her leave. Oh, WHAM..God did something for me the moment she said; “Heart singing”. It was another piece of the puzzle-or stroke of the paint brush-on the spiritual canvas of THIS songwriter’s life.

Early on the morning of the following day God gave me the first verse and the chorus of the song, “Someone’s Crying Lord”. Then there was nothing…I revisited the song several times later and no inspiration came to me. I had had the thought to share the preliminary recording with a mutual friend, Lisa. I was sensing that I should ask her to write a second verse. I held off for a while, but the idea kept recurring. Another piece of the puzzle was in sight, but I wasn’t following my intuition yet. After I had had the thought about ten times within the hour to ask her to help, I decided to send her an email.

To my surprise, she sent two verses to me rather quickly. My initial thought was,” That’s more than we need”. I then sat down to work on the song with Lisa’s lyrics included. The Holy Spirit met me there and the inspiration I had been lacking before suddenly came to life.  The additional verse Lisa sent was a perfect fit for what became the bridge of the song. Lisa told me later that she was gripped with tears while she was working on the lyrics. I, too, was a bundle of tears… as I often am… when writing God- inspired songs.

Oh God, she needs your smile
On the inside she needs to know you’re alive
Cause her heart to sing with your life
Oh God, she needs your smile

“Someone’s Crying Lord” is one of those songs that has universal applications. Everyone needs to have God’s song and smile on the inside. I believe that a day is coming when God will answer my prayer and that my friend who struggles with believing in God and depression will then be smiling, and singing on the inside.

Who knows?, Perhaps “Someone’s Crying Lord” might be the song I wrote about in the poem; “Here Comes The Song“. I hope in time it will travel across many oceans and sands.

Chord Chart For Someone’s Crying Lord


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