Creating The “Beautiful” Song Lyrics And Instrumental Parts

“Beautiful”  by Jordy Christo

The song “Beautiful” was the initial song of inspiration for the “Awestruck” CD. I actually was going to call the CD “Beautiful”, but felt compelled to name it “Awestruck” instead.

One morning while I was worshiping the Lord with my guitar, I started getting the melody and the words for the chorus: “You’re beautiful.” I quickly turned on the digital recorder and went with whatever came to mind. Amazingly, the majority of the words to the song are exactly as they came spontaneously to me over the next minute or two after getting the recorder set up. When I was finished and reflected on the lyrics of the song, I thought about how God had captured my heart so unexpectedly in 1998. At that time I had no idea how deeply in love with him that I would fall. I have been “awestruck” by his beauty, time and time again since then.

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