Story Behind The Song “Flow Through Me”

“Flow Through Me” by: Jordy Christo and Tom Price

At the time that I was learning how to lead worship services, I lived in the “Colonnade Apartment Complex” (now known as “L’Estancia Garden Apartments” in Sarasota, Florida). I never attended any type of formal worship-leading school, but learned how to conduct the meetings through what the Bible calls “small beginnings”. It all started in my two-bedroom apartment where I would have friends come over for evenings of worship. We would start around 7 pm with a light dinner and end at 11 pm or later. I would always play my acoustic guitar and lead the singing. 

I’ll never forget how the presence of God would intensify-like giant waves building-as we worshiped over the course of hours. We would refer to the worship time-slots as “rounds”. Round one, round two or round three. We would sing for an hour, take a break and then press back into worship again and again. 

I have great memories from those nights when we would pack eight to ten people into my little living room and sing with all our hearts to the Lord. There were many testimonies about God touching people during those small gatherings. This was my training ground. To my surprise, a couple of years later it happened again in the same way in which God had touched people in my small living room earlier. He was touching large congregations this time as I would lead the worship.

One night my friend and lyrics partner Tom Price was not able to make it to the worship night until around 11 pm. We were still singing when he came in. He found a place on the couch just a few feet away from me, sat down and within moments began to write in his spiral-bound notebook. The night ended soon after he arrived. Before Tom left, he handed me the poem he had received from the Lord the moment that he’d come in and sat down, It was called “Flow Through Me”.  I recall him making a reference to how strongly he’d felt the Lord’s presence when he entered the living room. 

The next morning I pulled out the poem and the Holy Spirit inspired the song “Flow Through Me”. The song seems to be a prayer that all Christian musicians can identify with. It has become a favorite among friends, fellow musicians and family through the years.

My favorite lyrics from the song are: “All is for your glory to tell this love story of how you came to me and set this captive free”

Chord Chart For The Song Flow Through Me

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