Story Behind The “Destiny” Song

“Destiny” by Jordy Christo and Tom Price

This song was written very quickly. Tom and I decided to get together at his house with the specific goal in mind of trying to write a song that would fit within the “Destiny” theme of a Christian Singles Retreat which the two of us were planning to attend.

Getting together with anyone to write a song from scratch is always a bit uncomfortable in the beginning. Tom and I have learned through the years that if we will take a “step in faith”- God will give us the creativity we need to fashion a song. When we get together, Tom writes most of the words and I am responsible for creating the instrumentals and the vocals. More often than not, Tom will have the words already written out and a melody to begin with before I create the instrumentals…

I listen to his deep bass voice with a few country music roots attached to it and try to create something from there. It can be a bit challenging at times because I have roots of rock and roll inside me. In spite of our differences, God is always faithful in uniting our gifts through an anointing filled with His purposes.

The night we gathered to write “Destiny” happened a little differently from the norm. I was just messing around playing whatever tune seemed to come to mind and suddenly the Holy Spirit entered the room with a recognizable presence. I recall Tom’s face lighting up with inspiration as the Lord began to give him the words for the first verse to fit the tune I had started to play. He left me sitting on the couch to work with the Holy Spirit on the instrumental parts, the first verse and the melody for the vocals. Tom found a comfortable place at the dining room table and began working with the Holy Spirit on the words for the rest of the song. Within an hour we were finished with our song.

My favorite verse of “Destiny” is: “Reflecting back on so many yesterdays, remembering the times when you led my way”

That verse seems to capture the very heart of the image that is on the “Awestruck” CD cover. Since surrendering my life to the Lord, there have been so many amazing things that He has allowed me to experience. I love reflecting back and reliving the occasions when God has (without question) led me.

The song fit perfectly into the theme of the retreat. The directors of the event allowed me to sing the song during one of the meetings. There were about two hundred and fifty people in attendance.

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