How The Song “Face To Face” Was Conceived

“Face To Face” By Jordy Christo

This song was a spontaneous song that came to me during prayer time. I had been praying for about a half hour when there was a recognizable shift in the spiritual atmosphere. I began to get images of friends and started to call them into the holy place through prophetic prayer. There was a heavy “glory- weight” upon me as I was praying for them. The prayer took on a melody and I quickly switched on the digital recorder, plugged in my Larrivee, D-03 acoustic guitar, flipped the switch for the microphone power and began to sing the words which effortlessly flowed out of me.

Lyrics prayer: “Come into the holy place and find yourself face-to-face with Him, (while) falling on your knees in worship”

What you hear in the song is exactly how it came to me. I did not alter any of the arrangement-neither the melody nor the lyrics- after that. After listening to it several times, I felt compelled to ask Guy, the owner of Sarasota Guitar Lessons, to add some bass and electric guitar parts. The acoustic guitar/rhythm is the actual recording from the time the song flowed from heaven to earth.

God was up to something. I believe wholeheartedly that both the friends I was praying for that day-and also some people while hearing the song-will find themselves face-to-face with God, and falling on their knees in worship. It will be in the holy place of His glory that they will find themselves-where the purest spirit-to-spirit worship is found. Within this beautiful glory, words are not necessary or even adequate.

When we are in face-to-face, communion with God, we are aware of nothing but His presence. Everything in the natural realm disappears and we are in that place where “deep calls to deep”. It is in this place where we are changed from glory to glory. 2 Corinthians 3:18

Honestly, what words could possibly describe the beauty of His presence in the holy of holies?

Chord Chart For Face To Face

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