They Had To Roll A Scroll

When they were searching,  they rolled a scroll
hundreds of feet long,  where the stories were told

Hours of prophesying,  with the scribes laboring by their sides
Filling the leather with love,  as the Father would guide

Countless messages for endless generations
to bring healing to every land, heart and nation

Then with the blink of an eye, in eternities view
we now click the mouse, to search these scrolls for something new

On these canvases now called windows, the scribes did tell
of the days we are living in, which Joel prophesied so well

Yes, in the last days I will pour out My Spirit
a mighty rushing wind,  so all will hear it

Quickly the wind blows online, TV,  radio and amplified in the air waves
across massive crowds of flesh, where millions are saved

Swiftly the scrolls are being rolled across every nation and land
all because of the voice of the prophets and the labor of the scribes hands


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