That Was Not Funny

That was not funny
You had me dancing like a clown

You pushed one button
I went way up then crashing down

What the heck
Did I not understand what you said

You played on my emotions
Or maybe not, perhaps I just misread

It’s difficult trying to read between the lines
That’s why I must keep my eyes on God
His love is stable all the time

I still don’t think what you did was kind
For days I’ve struggled with getting you out of my mind

I really shouldn’t let you rent space in my head
I’m responsible for my obsessions
Over the things you said

Still this turmoil won’t stop turning
Perhaps this is God doing more burning

Every time I get this uncomfortable
It’s always about having courage to change

I’m willing to bet He is refining me again
From glory to glory, I’ll never be the same

I forgive you for not intentionally doing what occurred
I was so out of line for blaming you for something so absurd

Just be thankful you don’t have to live one minute in my brain
Sometimes my thoughts get out of control like a runaway train

Please forgive me… some things are better left unthought

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