God Is Looking For

God is looking for a vessel who will say “here I am, I’ll  go”
He must have a vessel through which He can flow

The river flows through the places that yield
He will send the willing ones to harvest in ripened fields

God won’t go without a vessel to be His feet and hands
Lets not wait for God, He wont go until we obey the “go ye” command

What if we just witnessed to people until God said stop
Instead of stopping before we even begin to share what we’ve got

If someone didn’t tell me that my house was on fire because they weren’t led
I would surely die in my sleep comfortable in my bed

But if we are His vessels flowing and moving like streams of water
We will put out the fires of hell engulfing friends,  mothers, fathers , sons and daughters

God is not okay with us  standing still
Look to Jesus He moved constantly doing God’s will

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