Gary Will Be Missed

I just got the news that Gary, a long time and once very close friend, hung himself last night. I am very sad, but I know that his blood is not on my hands. I had shared the gospel with him several times. I keep thinking that it’s not true that someone is lying and playing a sick joke. I will win more souls for Jesus. I will tell many of His love for them. I will not ever stop proclaiming that His blood is powerful enough to save the whole world. DANG IT!
Please pray for me, Jordy

Gary Will be Missed 12-3-06

Gary will be missed, but there are others to follow
We touch one today and many more tomorrow

Never giving up because one just couldn’t get it
Passing God’s purifying fire to burn in all who will let it

Never looking back with regret about yesterdays
Because we do our best in every situation everyday

Gary, I’m going to miss you… I hope to see you again
Goodbye buddy you were an amazing friend

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