The Story Behind “Josh’s Song”

“Josh’s Song” by Jordy Christo

I am always amazed at what the Lord does for me each time I listen to “Josh’s Song”. The creativity in this arrangement is so far above anything that I could have ever have done upon my own strength alone. To God, give all the glory! There is a powerful message to be gained out of this song if you have the ears to hear and the spiritual “eyes” to see with.

The inspiration came early one morning after I decided to sacrifice my entire work day to help my friend, Josh, with his move to Tampa. Helping him out was a real stretch for me financially and also difficult because I was juggling a very busy schedule at that time. In my opinion, this is one of the best songs God has entrusted into me. To be honest, the presence of God was so strong in this song that when I wrote it, I cried and cried for a couple of days every time I listened to it after that. The tears were not from feeling sad, they were from my re-living the voice of God and the feeling of His presence that day when the song was given to me.

Our friendship had developed over the course of a couple of years through our church, the Fellowship of Believers in Sarasota, Florida. We first met in a Thursday night men’s prayer meeting. That night was the first time I had ever interacted with anyone who was totally blind. It didn’t take long for me to realize that Josh had a very special and intimate relationship with Jesus.

He lived only blocks away from the church. It became common for several of the men, including me, to help him out with rides to various places. Over the course of time, we saw many things together through both my eyes and the eyes of God.

Lyrics: “I’m going to miss the things we’d see together – even though you’re blind.”

There were so many things that I enjoyed while spending time with Josh. One of my favorite things was his smile. Josh has one of those God-given smiles which radiate the joy of the Lord to all who are around him. Sometimes he would take my arm and I’d lead him through small entrances or around objects. At times I would accidentally lead him directly into an object. Every time he would hit something he would give me one of those joy-filled smiles and a chuckle.

Lyrics: “I’m going to miss your joyful smile.”

While several of us were helping him move to Tampa, a friend named Brook came along. Brook is totally blind as well. After getting everything into his new apartment, I offered to take him to the grocery store to buy some groceries. That’s where the “God-prompting” for the song came to me-but I had no idea what it was all about yet.

When we got to the store, I asked; “What’s the best way to do this”? Brook replied; “Get in front of the shopping cart, you pull and we’ll grab the back of the cart and follow you.” At one point I looked back at those two totally blind people following me and noticed a presence of God. I felt a deep compassion. It was a two-second event and I knew that God was giving me a gift…

It was out of that prompting that these lyrics came forth: “Just like Josh follows you, follow me (God). Just like Josh trusts you, trust me.”

There’s not much else to share-except that the song tells the story of an amazing season of friendship in which I’d felt so privileged to have had with my friend Josh. What God taught me through this experience with Josh was about having blind faith. The many things I learned through the God-given anointing on Josh’s life will forever reside within me.

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