It All Started With The Bird

I saw him dancing
The initial understanding came through the bird

“Take a risk of being hurt”
Two days later was exactly what I heard

Then at the first of the week
I felt the grace begin

I took a giant step in boldness
Taking a risk of being hurt again

In the next few days that followed
I wrestled with more than I had really known

In the middle of what was happening
I realized God was connected with me on the phone

So intently I began to listen to His voice
As painful as it all began to sound

Then he uncovered so many character defects
I frantically began to cower around

If it weren’t for the initial bird I saw
Dancing around that day

I wouldn’t have really known
That it was God taking character defects away

This is why I love
The sound of His unmistakable voice

As he spoke in love to me about the ugly stuff
I then made an honorable choice

I simply asked
“Please take these shortcomings away”

In an instant the ugly things vanished
My heart is now ready to dance again like the bird I saw that day

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