I Have A Lot Of Sisters

I have a lot of sisters, so please don’t read me wrong
They are just like my brothers who sing Godly songs

I think about my friends daily and never hesitate to pray, e-mail or call
Without their loving support, I would surely fall

Sometimes we laugh together, sometimes we worship, sometimes we cry
I really miss my real sister and I often wounder…why God why?

If forgiveness doesn’t occur in this life, I hold a promise for the other side
Me and my real sister will dance for all eternity in heaven, when we die

But for now the missing sister has been multiplied from above
God is faithful to supply my every need, with lots of His sisters, filled with His love

So if you see or hear of me with Sally, Ronetta, Limsuda or Joy
Remember they are just my buddies, not girlfriends, kinda like long haired boys

Fictitious names have been used to protect the innocent


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