Searching For My Smile

It’s early in the morning and as I start my day
I’m searching through my life and just realized my smile has gone away

It’s not the one on the outside that I am concerned about
Something is not right on the inside-perhaps it’s fear or doubt

This is the time when I work hard to get the smile back in my heart
Sometimes it only takes a moment-but every day this is how I start

I learned years ago it’s true joy I need every day to keep up with life’s pace
The key is to get it on the inside first-then it will make it to my face

So writing this rhyme is some of what I do-along with singing songs
I spend time talking to God, letting go of problems and helping others along

A smile on the inside is worth fighting for-it’s so much better than a frown
I’m starting to feel a little joy inside-I think my smile is almost found

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