There’s A Fire That’s Burning

When the Fire is burning-I don’t feel like myself
There’s a noticeable refining-since I asked God for help

Years ago…I pleaded, “PLEASE HELP ME CHANGE”
I thought I’d be better by now…yet things are still being rearranged

A trophy of God’s grace-I am not the man I used to be
Endless things change-He continues to set me free

Fire brings up all of the dross-Seems to never stop burning
Painful at times-His love keeps my life churning

The Refiner’s Fire is making me pure
Right now it’s so hot-I need strength to endure

When finished-my life will sing a louder triumphant song
The Refiner’s Fire will pass through me to others as I walk along

Psalms 104:4 He makes his ministers flames of fire

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